Private Dentistry Awards 2013 for Dentist of London

One way to know that the London Dentist that you are referring to is reliable is by studying the awards they have received over the years. The type of awards is also important to note as they may not be in any relevance to your expectations. If you have an expectation of dentists you wish to visit it London look into the list of award winning teams honored by the Private Dentistry Awards 2013 and start your research from there. At its 12th year the committee has recently added three new categories for competition: Best DCP, Best Scheme for Nervous Patient Treatment and Child Dental Care.


For the Best DCP service River Dental won the award. However competing tightly is the highly commended Aesthetics of Smita Mistry. If you are always nervous around doctors and dentists especially, you may want to look into the service of Best Scheme for Nervous Patient Treatment award-winner. The Berkeley Clinic has snatched the award unanimously thanks to its high attention for patients and especially those who are first-timers and nervous. The award-winner of Best Child Dental Care this year from Private Dentistry Awards 2013 is Brush-Baby Ltd with Cherry Trees Dental as the highly commended team.


Now that you have taken a glimpse into the dental options that you have why make a priority of your dental plans? There are dozens of other categories to look into such as the Best Endodontic Practice, the Best Orthodontic Practice, and the Practice of the Year for dental care in the North and Southern areas of London. There is also the award of Most Attractive Dental Offices including features of interior and exterior designs. It is absolutely fine that you have expectations of a good dental service. By doing a thorough research you can enjoy a satisfying experience of dental care.